Bone Growth Factor Enhancers ; Platelet Derived Growth Fators (GEM 21), Emdogain

Bone morphogenetic protein is an isolated protein that induces specific cells in our body to form new cartilage and bone. During surgery, the BMP is soaked onto and binds with a collagen sponge. The sponge is then designed to resorb, or disappear, over time. As the sponge dissolves, the bone morphogenetic protein stimulates the cells to produce new bone. The BMP also goes away once it has completed its task of jump-starting the normal bone healing process.

Since there is no need to harvest bone from the patients’ hip for BMP, recipients were spared donor site pain. Complications from the graft harvest site are also eliminated with the use of bone morphogenetic protein.

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GEM 21S® growth-factor enhanced matrix combines a bioactive protein – highly purified rhPDGF-BB – with an osteoconductive matrix, ß-TCP. 
GEM 21S® is the only dental therapy containing PDGF, one of the main growth factors found in the human body and well known for its role in wound healing.  GEM 21S® growth-factor enhanced matrix is indicated to treat the following periodontally related defects: intrabony periodontal defects; furcation periodontal defects; and gingival recession associated with periodontal defects.

Emdogain is FDA approved, Class III medical device that is intended as an adjunct to periodontal surgery for topical application onto exposed root surface to treat infrabony defects resulting from bone loss support due to moderate or severe periodontitis.  Emdogain is a resorbable, implantable material that consists of hydrophobic enamel matrix proteins, which are delivered to the defect and root surface via a gel consisting of propylene glycol alginate.  The proteins precipitate onto the root surface and have been shown to predictably form acellular cementum, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone.  Emdogain is resorbed within two weeks of application.

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